Artemis of the Blue Fan-Game  by VTuber Numachi Tamanegi! It took me 3 days and was lots of fun to do. I hope people enjoy the game, If you want to see how I made it, I have a video explaining the process.

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(also sub to arty, but i'm definitely NOT a simp for her)

v1.2 update changelog - 11/21/2020

  • fixed the bug that would considerably lag up the game as the game progressed. IT WAS THOSE DAMN BUBBLES IN THE BACKGROUND!

v1.1 update changelog - 11/18/2020

  • Added "safe-spaces" - making the first click always have no mine.
  • Increased difficulty to 8
  • Renamed "Frequency" to "ATK Delay" to avoid confusion. It actually changes the frequency of her shooting.. so 1 would mean she fires every second, while a 0.5 means she fires every half a second.
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(116 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tagsartemis, artemis-of-the-blue, virtual-youtuber, vtuber


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minesweeper if it was exactly like touhou

p8 file, possible?

reset cart. do it lots

found a glitch : if you move your mouse fast enough through the bullets, you get no damage

while i don't plan to update this game anymore, this comment surprised me that no one else has found this exploit before! i ended up making a demo to showcase how i would fix it in a possible sequel. thank you!


Mine field must be generating after first click.

The first clicked cell must be not just safe, but always equal 0.


i actually didn't know that! i'll keep that in mind for next time ^^

yeah i clicked on a bomb first turn


Amaizing game 10/10

Hi, thanks a lot for this great work :)
Is it possible to have a P8 file version please to use it with a graphical launcher :)
Thanks a lot

I'm not sure if this counts as a bug or not, but if you kill yourself after you win, the game starts over with no music. Just figured I'd mention it lol

hell yeah, this is cool! beat default settings with 1 bomb hit, and 1 & 3/4ths hearts left.

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Thanks for this comment I was overwhelmed my first try, but this comment showed me it was possible, I did it with a sliver of hp, 2 bomb hits and 2hearts.

One of the bombs was a blind click at the start.

ps Im on a trackpad



Minesweeper with bullet hell. Challenging


Hello dear Numachi-san, I really love your work! So allow me to ask if you think it is OK for me to broadcast your great game content on streaming sites like YouTube, including for the purpose of monetizing from it. I'm as a member of a team, managing a VTuber project in Japan. Kindly let me hear your thoughts:)

it's absolutely ok!

Thanks, Numachi-san. I'll do my best making fun vid with your great gameXD


Such a cool game! The amount of effort that went into this simping endeavour is truly poggers.

this is so fun! and definitely difficult with max settings haha

Really incredible! Fun genre mashup, can't believe it's a Pico-8!

The concept is awesome! I love this game! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW


This is amazing! Great concept, great execution! :)

WOAW incredible game, il love the idea :)
Please can you share also a .p8 file or source file ?
I'm only playing games on my TV with an libretro emulator, and i can't do it without P8 file :(

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Bullet hell x minesweeper - fantastic mashup!

Here's a 1 minute speedrun of the game:




really brilliant idea! it's fun to play but I'd love to see more, ie a larger board, easier chord mechanics and even items - this has a lot of potential but an amazing proof of concept as is

You should go try DemonCrawl then. It's what happens when a dev realizes that minesweeper is a roguelike and goes ham with that concept. The only major downsides are the grinding and the requiring to go infinite in the end game.

I love demoncrawl, it's one of my favourite games right now. This game could definitely take inspiration from it but I have no doubts it could built into it's own niche as well



спасибо, что вернули меня в детство


thanks for child memories


THis is really fun! and hard! and fun!


Poggers to you too


This game is p o g . 10/10


This is really cool idea but one problem I have is it doesn't seem like the cursor's hitbox is at the tip. It seems intuitive to me to make sure the tip doesn't touch anything, but for some reason I kept getting hit. Is it in the middle?

I had the same issue.  It seems to me like the entire curser might be the hitbox?

I think so, but the little stick at the end of the cursor doesn't seem to have a hitbox

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So, yes. I come from Twitter after seeing this. All I can say is.... MINESWEEPER.

But it do feels different from the usual minesweeper, idk, perhaps because I'm not used to play this? (not counting the bullet hell mechanism)

Edit: I notice what's wrong from Varler comment below, there are no first safe space!

One issue I have with it is that the first move isn't always safe.  In classic Minesweeper, if your first move is a bomb it removes it and makes it a safe space.

Anyway, sweet idea for a game and nice job making it so quickly!


Ah yes, this!

I was wondering that there seems to be something wrong, but yeah it this one. There's no safe space!


tbh i didnt know that minesweeper actually did that! i didnt even play actual minesweeper while working on this game... anyways! i updated it and added that feature! so yeah

Awesome!  Thanks for the update!  :)

Could we get a desktop version?


i didn't even know i could export it as a desktop version til now! I just uploaded versions for desktop

Thank you ^_^

Really cool! I didn't expect much, but it's an interesting twist on the classic minesweeper, without destroying the original concept. I always loved playing the original, but this (which could easily be a mobile game, the touch controls already work in browser) is just amazing. Following :)